Blondey McCoy in 10 Questions

END. explores the Blondey effect on the rooftop of his Soho studio to get his take on skateboarding, politics, and art.

An industry polymath with labels ranging from designer to skater, artist to model, END. continues its exploration of the Blondey McCoy effect on the rooftop of his London studio.

Fast establishing himself as a British authority on art and design, Blondey delivers his take on some of contemporary culture's hottest topics.

In anticipation of his latest drop for Thames - and an upcoming art show at one of London's most iconic landmarks - END. delves deeper into the mind of one of the UK's most prolific rising stars in this ongoing series.

Read the full feature article with Blondey, and find out what happened when END. visited him in the Thames Archive earlier this year.

writerEuan Smart