Portuguese Flannel

When you think of premium flannel shirts, none other than Portuguese Flannel springs to mind. The family-run menswear business spanning four-generations prides itself on a shared love of craftsmanship, authenticity, and passion for shirting. It was founded back in 1935 by João Magalhães, the son of a factory worker in Portugal, and has remained within the family ever since. 

Dating back to the 1700s, Northern Portugal boasts a rich history of textile manufacturing. It stands as one of Europe's leading textile hubs, with numerous labels upholding the traditional methods of fabric production - including Portuguese Flannel. The men’s label explores the beauty of its surroundings for inspiration, blending traditional design with a contemporary aesthetic to design predominantly check flannel shirts enriched with charm and character. Each design holds its own story and custom design, curated to suit all occasions, both casual and formal. For warmer, sun-soaked occasions, check out the latest short-sleeve shirts and pair them with the premium Portuguese Flannel shorts

If check isn't your style, then don't worry; the label has a wide range of plain, corduroy, and selected printed options too. Portuguese Flannel is a community for all, a destination for heritage-rich apparel that’s timeless and truly authentic, so discover what all the fuss is about and shop the latest Portuguese Flannel men’s clothing at END. today.

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