Watch Now: First Look at Blondey McCoy's Latest Art Exhibition 'All a Tremulous Heart Requires"

London's hottest young talent delivers once more

Cultural and creative polymath Blondey McCoy has unveiled his latest art show, 'All a Tremulous Heart Requires', to be exhibited in London's Trafalgar Square.

Based on an iconic piece of footage, canonised by The Smiths' international fandom, the collection features laser cut acrylic illustrations of Morrisey and Johnny Marr laid over iPhone images Blondey captured of a tussle in the crowd at a recent Morrissey show in Aberdeen.

Continuing his artistic focus of investigating the relationship between religion and pop-culture, and exploring the concept of idolatry, the exhibition will be available to view for one day only at St Martins-in-the-Fields crypt on Trafalgar Square on April 20th.

writerEuan Smart