Palm Angels Set the World Ablaze for SS20

Inspired by the skateboarders of Venice Beach, Francesco Ragazzi turns up the heat with Palm Angels' SS20 collection.

Continuing their ascension to streetwear stardom, Francesco Ragazzi's Palm Angels exhibit their signature fiery spirit and bold visual sensibility. Brimming with youthful vigour, the Milanese label distil old school aesthetics into a fresh and up-to-date attitude. Offering an impassioned take on streetwear essentials, Ragazzi deftly combines vibrant tones and a playful outlook, encapsulating the modern-day zeitgeist through the lens of '00s iconography.

Originally inspired by Los Angeles skate culture, Palm Angels was born out of Ragazzi's 2014 photobook documenting the skaters of Venice Beach and Manhattan Beach. Titled "Palm Angels", the large format hardcover book offered a definitive insight into the world of high-level skateboarding, presenting a glimpse through the keyhole at the culture and street-style of those involved in the sport.

Drawing inspiration from the skateboarders he studied, Ragazzi merges their classic streetwear aesthetic with a luxurious take on sportswear. Famed for their tracksuits, Palm Angels offer up a rendition of the leisurewear garment engulfed in '00s-style flames - complete with a pinch of nu-metal flavour. Exhibiting a playful attitude, the label sees their Old English typography detailed across a plethora of ath-luxury pieces, ensuring that their logo branding is never far away. Complete with tongue-in-cheek detailing, such as a beheaded teddy bear print and a detachable security tag, tie-dye processes, jacquard knit designs and distressed finishes complete the thrown together look of effortless cool that encapsulates Ragazzi's approach. Indebted to the nonchalance of the skaters that were once the designer's subjects, Palm Angels continues to grow with this defined look running through its DNA.

An evocation of sun-kissed pavements and white-hot sand, Palm Angels proliferate their specific, relaxed outlook, blending casual aesthetics, luxurious construction and a heartfelt nod to the skateboarders that influenced Ragazzi's foray into luxury streetwear.

The Palm Angels SS20 collection is available online now at END.