Go Backstage at Liam Hodges' SS19 Show at LFWM

Hodges' infamous dystopic gaze goes state-side

Internationally famed for his dystopian vision of forward-thinking menswear, Liam Hodges continued his exploration of societal issues with his 'Slick Trash' SS19 collection. Presented over the weekend and LFWM, Hodges' drew inspiration from the seedy underside of Las Vegas to deliver a chaotic collision of gritty realism and hyperreality.

Truly coming into his own, as he continues to develop his own aesthetic language and design-DNA, Hodges' continued his experimentation with clashing prints, graphic motifs, and old-meets-new menswear styles and silhouettes.

Centred around a section from Donna Tartt's novel 'The Goldfinch' which sees central character, Theo, descend into a life of crime in and around the Las Vegas strip, Hodges' decided to travel to Nevada to see the city for himself. Venturing beyond the city we see on screen, Hodges explores the melancholy and hostility of Vegas and the lonely expanse of the desert which sit just beyond the city limits with a collection that feels contemporary, future-proof, and inherently subversive all at the same time.

writerEuan Smart