END. Takes The Nike x Fear of God Collection Back To The Hardwood

Jerry Lorenzo's Nike x Fear of God collaboration heads onto the hardwood in this exclusive editorial at END.

Since the sneaker silhouettes from Nike's first collaborative project with Fear of God started appearing on the feet of stars of the NBA, anticipation for the full footwear and apparel collection began to simmer as fans of the label's founder, Jerry Lorenzo, began to ruminate on what the LA-based design force might deliver for his first foray with The Swoosh.

The sneakers teasing on the feet of renowned sportsmen first was no coincidence, a tactical rollout designed to introduce Lorenzo's inspiration for the capsule: a focus on the emotional element of sport and its power to unite across the world.

Speaking to Nike, Lorenzo explained, "We live in a day and age when images are leaked left and right, and products are leaked without consideration and emotional attachments. I'm aiming to give a visceral experience whether the kid sees it first on Ben Simmons coming into the arena or worn by his favourite athletes on court".

Capitalising on sport's ability to tap into an enduring sense of nostalgia with fans and players alike, Lorenzo continued, "in my youth … growing up in the '80s and finishing high school in the '90s, contrary to what's happening now, it was our superstar athletes and our pro athletes that were informing the way that we wore our street clothes", he says. "These athletes, like Agassi and Jordan, were at the top of their game and what they wore didn't compromise on design or beauty".

Featuring two footwear silhouettes - The Nike Air Fear of God 1 and the Nike x Fear of God Air Shoot Around - each in a duo of colourways, Jerry Lorenzo's collection delivers a contemporary iteration of pre-game style that establishes it's authority from the ground up.

The footwear blends seamlessly with a considered range of street-ready apparel that borrows design cues from the athletic aesthetics of the 80s and 90s, reinvigorated for the match of today.

Shot in this exclusive END. editorial in the environments that inspired it, the Nike x Fear of God footwear is now available on END. Launches while the apparel pieces will launch on January 19th.

writerEuan Smart