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Pushing athletic technologies forward, adidas present their latest iteration of the 4D 1.0 sneaker in a colourful coral and pistachio combination.

adidas 4D 1.0 - FW6838
adidas 4D 1.0 - FW6838
adidas 4D 1.0 - FW6838
adidas 4D 1.0 - FW6838

An already established icon of sneaker innovation, adidas’ 4D printed midsoles deliver aesthetic and functional value in spades. Combining its striking pistachio colour with cutting edge technology and superior comfort to create an athletics shoe that embodies the German sportswear label's dedication to pushing athletic creativity forward.

With the latest 4D 1.0 colourway, the futuristic pale green sole contrasts vibrantly with coral coloured uppers, orange laces and a slick white heel counter. Undulating pearlescent pink shapes add a further depth of colour and complete the pastel palette with a flourish of surreal texture.

The adidas 4D 1.0 sneaker is available for registration online now via END. Launches.

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adidas 4D 1.0