Virgil Abloh's Off-White Defines a New Era of Luxury with "Public Television"

Showcasing their unrivalled sense of contemporary luxury, the latest collection from Off-White offers Abloh's style and vision.

A key member in the modern vanguard of luxury fashion, the New Guards Group, Off-White have offered a distinctive blend of graphic immediacy and industrial influences since their inception in 2012. A mainstay within the fashion circuit, Virgil Abloh's ability to manoeuvre through the modern zeitgeist has propelled the former-architect into fashion stardom, securing the prestigious role of artistic director at Louis Vuitton. Now in charge of the historic Parisian house, Abloh's Off-White continues to provide his signature brand of new era luxury.

Debuting their AW19 collection in Paris, the Milan-based label places emphasis on the influence of adverts with "Public Television". Ruminating on the way the continual barrage of advertisement images shapes the way we see the world, the American designer extraordinaire blends luxury and streetwear visual codes to reflect a world fascinated with fast-paced imagery and the increased blurring of the distinction between reality and technology.

Brimming with colour and eye-catching prints, this selection of apparel showcases Abloh's unmistakable grasp of contemporary culture. Spray painted GORE-TEX outerwear adds a rough'n'ready twist to a technical style, while the designer's jersey sweat pants offer a baggy cut perfect for casual ath-leisure outfits. Taking things to the furthest degree, Off-White's penchant for the oversized continues to manifest in the form of bigger and better branding and even bigger sneakers, as evidenced by the ODSY-1000 silhouette - a chunky sneaker complete with rubber teeth to the outsole.

Providing staple styles with a certain je ne sais quoi, Off-White redefine streetwear with their continually progressive approach. Full of the brand's signature motifs seen throughout their meteoric rise, "Public Television" shows that Abloh's iconic label shows no sign of slowing down.

Off-White's "Public Television" collection is available online now at END.