Polo Ralph Lauren 'Polo 11' Astronaut Jacket - Register Now on END. Launches

Polo Ralph Lauren deliver the pinnacle of form-meets-function outerwear with the self-heating Polo 11 Astronaut Jacket - now available on END. Launches

Heating up the space race with cutting-edge technology, Polo Ralph Lauren blast off with their limited-edition Polo 11 Astronaut Jacket.

A ‘90s reissue of a coveted Polo outerwear piece, this jacket has become a cultural icon – reimagined with a revolution dubbed ‘RL Heat’ for the modern world.

Self-heating with an integrated system built into the centre-back of the jacket, the down-filled, DWR-coated pullover is positioned to take first place in Polo legacy; designed to give 11 hours of heat with its compressed stow pocket holding the app-controlled Mophie battery.

Pairing this next-level tech with the addition of water-resistant ripstop, 750FP down insulation and a heat distribution lining, Polo’s tech is designed to keep you warm - no matter what the atmosphere.

Aside from the tech, the NASA-inspired piece delivers an astronaut aesthetic, mimicking the iconic silhouette of space suits and their bright white finish.

Complete with a Polo ‘Meatball’ patch and a US flag at the sleeve, this all-American design is the last word in form meets function.

The Polo Ralph Lauren 'Polo 11' Astronaut Jacket is now available for registration on END. Launches.

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Polo Ralph Lauren 'Polo 11' Astronaut Jacket

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writerEuan Smart