23 February 2023

Moncler’s The Art of Genius event was an immersive, otherworldly experience showcasing the ground-breaking work at the heart of Moncler Genius.

Since its inception in 2018, Moncler’s Genius line has built an enthralling world of influence that focusses on experimentation, artistry and evolution. Utilising their time-honoured status as a purveyor of exceptional luxury outdoor garments, the Italian brand have teamed up with a selection of the fashion world’s foremost iconoclasts and tastemakers, fusing their creative agency with Moncler’s vision for a unified and uncompromising approach to collaboration.

For Moncler’s The Art of Genius event, the brand looked to recontextualise the Moncler Genius line further, unveiling an ample selection of their new collaborations through a series of otherworldly installations, cultural experiences and captivating performances. Going beyond fashion, Moncler explored the intersection of Art, Design, Entertainment, Music, Sport and Culture, cultivating an overarching sensibility of exploration and evolution. Inviting us into their brave new world, Moncler presented The Art of Genius on 20th February 2023, at London’s Olympia.

Housed within their own self-contained spaces, each collaborator’s exhibition area offered a unique perspective on what it means to be Genius. Towering over the Olympia Grand Hall, adidas Originals’ “The Art of Exploration” presentation saw their colourful and uncompromising union of classic sportswear design codes and Moncler’s signature luxurious touch displayed across a towering platform of scaffolding with a wall of models. Taking us from city to summit, the interior transformed the physical into the digital, as a conveyor belt pulled us through a glacier of pixels, cold air and fog to create a striking landscape formed from a combination of the real and the hyperreal.

Similarly reflecting on the natural world, Pharrell Williams’ collaboration “The Art of Terrain” brought an earthy sense of spectacle to his surrealist campsite. Lit with a shifting psychedelic sky, Skateboard P’s apparel looked to hiking and camping style for inspiration, blending natural tones with otherworldly elements. Sound tracked by nature itself, a modular synth was connected to neighbouring plants, transforming their natural signal into melodies, drones and soothing sounds – a representation of the natural world’s own rhythms and music.

Infusing his “The Art of Love” exhibition with technological advances, Hiroshi Fujiwara’s FRGMT presented a peepshow for the future, replacing humans with miniature robots. Wearing down-sized renditions of Fujiwara’s collaboration, each Lovot – that’s a love robot to you and I – was playfully interacting with visitors, offering a subversion of the lewdness of a traditional peepshow, with the aim of sharing love and relaxation.

Capturing “The Art of Lightness, Palm Angels presented a blank canvas for interpretation, housed within a visually stunning square space. Sound tracked by the Boiler Room, Francesco Ragazzi’s club-space saw foam reflect snow-capped beaches and rolling desert clouds – a contemporary landscape housed within four-walls, urging you to suspend caution, delve into self-expression, embrace chaos and free your imagination.

Inviting public participation, Moncler enlisted Roc Nation & Jay-Z to collaborate on “The Art of All” installation. Fitted with state-of-the-art microphone pods, each entrant was awarded the opportunity to record their own individual and unique sound – whether that be a song, spoken word, or poetry. Mixed live to create an emotion-centred experience, Jay-Z’s space urged us to look within, and to see that Genius lives within us all. Topped off with a performance by the infamous hip-hop producer Mike Dean, Roc Nation’s orange-toned vision resulted in an inspiring statement of creativity – that every one of us has unrealised potential.

Further embodying his own unique aesthetic perspective, Salehe Bembury’s “The Art of Elements” delivered the perfect manifestation of the creative powerhouse’s design codes. Featuring a shifting rock monolith imbued with his signature fingerprint motif, a fluctuating sunset lit the collection with a warm glow. Allegorical for the constant motion of nature, its ebb and flow, Bembury’s outdoor inspired offering traced the line between Moncler’s historic luxury outdoor appeal and his contemporary point of view. Delivering a fully-fledged collection, chunky outdoor footwear, muted, natural tones and playful accessories combined to create a singular vision that continues Bembury’s journey into nature through this own personal lens.


A sensory storm, Mercedes-Benz presented a masterful exhibition combining spectacle, technical innovation, and inspiring theatre. Dubbed “The Art of Imagination”, the German vehicle manufacturer’s bespoke Moncler G-Class was revealed amidst a sea of fog, while silver-clad performers gently floated through the air. Presenting a vision of potential future travel, sound and visuals combined to conjure an impression of what the near future could bring.

Stepping into the dark and uncompromising world of Rick Owens, the Californian design legend displayed his collaborative collection with Moncler, “The Art of Design”, alongside an interactive sleeping pod for two people in the Olympia West Hall. Soundproofed and built from steel, Owens’ pod featured a regenerative oxygen concentration feature and a temperature-controlled ventilation system, creating a cocoon sanctuary – a space for respite from the ensuing party outside. Surrounded by Owens’ trademark otherworldly models, his garments offered a sculptural form, built from Moncler’s 3M down. Set against a thumping soundtrack of dark and sinister techno, beams of horizontal light segmented the cavernous concrete room, while plumes of ominous fog disguised and slowly revealed a secret dancefloor and a hidden afterparty.


Finishing off the evening in the Olympia National Hall, Moncler Genius’ host from 2022’s Mondo Genius event, Alicia Keys, offered a spectacular performance honouring “The Art of Dreaming”. With surprise guests Little Simz and Cleo Sol, Keys performance encapsulated her soulful songwriting and exceptional vocal skills. Performing hits such as “Empire State of Mind” and “Girl On Fire”, Keys delivered a stellar end to an evening of wonders and exceptional spectacles, championing Moncler Genius’ modus operandi; to challenge the boundaries of what is possible, and to find Genius in the combination of unconventional ideas.