Top Fives: The Haçienda Curated By Peter J. Walsh

14 October 2021

Ahead of the release of IDEA's latest dance music themed book, "Rave One", legendary photographer Peter J. Walsh shares his top 5 photos from club nights at the infamous Manchester venue.

Cataloguing one of Manchester’s most iconic landmarks, The Haçienda, Peter J. Walsh’s latest tome “RAVE ONE” offers a comprehensive inside look at the fabled venue and its legendary patrons.

Published by IDEA Books, “RAVE ONE” delivers a photographic history of the Haçienda – a peek behind the curtain of the lauded hub of music and club culture in the North of England. Immersed in the Manchester club since it opened in 1982, Walsh’s photographs dive into the world of the storied institution helmed by Tony Wilson’s Factory Records and New Order - an insider account of the in and outs of a space and time that is heralded as the birth of UK Acid House.

Celebrating the launch of “RAVE ONE”, Peter J Walsh presents a curated selection of his favourite images from the book – featuring everyone from Vic & Bob to DJ David Morales – exhibiting the wide reaching and important legacy of the Haçienda.

Mike Pickering and Graeme Park's Nude club night at the Haçienda by Peter J Walsh in "RAVE ONE"
"A Friday night but not just any Friday night - this was Nude. The photograph shows ravers packed onto the pink dance floor for Mike Pickering and Graeme Park’s legendary end the week/start the weekend special."
Luke Unabomber, 1991, at the Haçienda by Peter J Walsh in "RAVE ONE"
"In 1991 the club voluntarily shut its doors when the drugs and gangs became a real issue for the city. This photograph was taken on the re-opening night the same year. Luke Unabomber, having it right off, as he would most nights in The Haçienda: Northern Acid House summed up in one image."
Vic Reeves and Bob Mortimer at the bar in the Haçienda by Peter J Walsh in "RAVE ONE"
"Vic and Bob at the main bar. There was no V.I.P. area in the club because Tony Wilson said we were all communists! You would bump into famous people all the time. Nobody bothered them. We were all there to have a good time."
Factory Records' Tony Wilson and the Haçienda's designer Ben Kelly by Peter J Walsh in "RAVE ONE"
"Tony Wilson and Ben Kelly by the main entrance of the club. Peter Saville recommended Ben to design The Haçienda. Tony met Ben, didn’t ask to see his work, or what he had done before, simply asking Ben, “Do you want the job?" Ben replied, “Of course I want the fucking job.” Tony trusted people and their respective creativity, enabling them to produce their best work."
"Tony wanted The Haçienda to rival the clubs of New York, Berlin and Paris and it did. It attracted DJs from all over the world, including this all star line up. DJ Frankie Knuckles, DJ David Morales and DJ Tony Humphries at the club’s 11th birthday party, 1993."



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