Raf Simons Explores Our Unwavering Relationship with Drugs for AW18

Raf Simons' AW18 collection 'Youth in Motion' explores our enduring relationships with drugs - available now at END.

Internationally acclaimed for his cerebral collections - often designed to cast light on the most vexing or taboo subjects that plague the societal zeitgeist - Raf Simons' AW18 line explores our inextricable relationship with drink, drugs, and hedonism of every denomination.

Dubbed 'Youth in Motion', the collection draws reference from the ever-fertile pools of inspiration, art, cinema, literature, and music, producing a carefully crafted collection intended to inspire dialogue (without judgement or preconception) around society's enduring dependence on narcotics - and the cultures which surrounds them.

Exploring knitwear with fresh expression gleaned from his proclivity for graphics and print, Raf delivers forward-thinking luxury which satiates the needs of his followers in unexpected ways: managing to achieve a sense of timeless luxury without compromising on a shareworthy spectacle, something that has become a necessity to reach a generation of compulsive oversharers and digital self-curators.

Understanding this balance of old and new better than most, Raf combines streetwear references, logo placement, and a slew of graphics inspired by the alchemistic, elemental categorisation of many illicit substances (GHB, 2-CB, XTC) to deliver coppable luxury fashion which frames an important contemporary narrative for his followers to share and explore.

Putting his platform to use, Simons' AW18 collection is a purposeful expression of luxury which feels substantive in its mission - a characteristic that we've seen fade from the fashion-sphere over the last decade as the cycle has sped up and brands have moved away from seasonal collections to deliver intermittent, smaller drops in line with never-ending demand.

'Youth in Motion' is premium fashion product - no question. But beyond that, Raf seeks to encourage a fresh wave of dialogue around drugs (prescribed or otherwise) in the midst of a crippling opioid crisis which has swept the United States - his surrogate home while he is tenured as creative head for Calvin Klein.

Raf Simons' AW18 collection 'Youth in Motion' is now available to shop at END.

writerEuan Smart