END. Debut: Polythene Optics

Samuel Ross introduces A-COLD-WALL*'s sister label, Polythene Optics to END. for AW18 - delivering a juxtaposing, brash, reactionary vision to the precise details of ACW*

Marking a divergence in content output from Samuel Ross' mainline label, A-COLD-WALL*, Polythene Optics delivers a brash, graphics-led aesthetic to act as an antithesis to the precise ideology of ACW*.

Intended to act as a vehicle towards the democratisation of the streetwear and fashion industry, Polythene Optics synthesises the conversation surrounding ACW* into hyper-wearable and accessible styles, ready to engage a new subset of f0llowers in dialogue.

Intended to act as a kind of Yin/Yang, the sister labels will juxtapose one another; engaging in their own kind of dialogue which captures the same points of reference and iterates them in disparate ways.

END. welcomes Polythene Optics to the global brand roster for AW18.

writerEuan Smart