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Celebrating Capcom's iconic video-game character, Megaman, ASICS share their latest Gel-BND sneaker dressed in electric blue.

ASICS Gel-BND 'Megaman' - 1021A313-400

Drawing inspiration from the '80s, ASICS share their latest sneaker style, the Gel-BND Megaman. Drawing inspiration from the classic video game character from Capcom, this electric blue footwear offering pays homage to an emblem of Japanese culture and a central aspect of the game developer's legacy.

A central character in the "hack'n'slash" game genre, Megaman has become one of the world's most celebrated video game characters, appearing in over 50 separate titles. Inspired by the iconic android, the Gel-BND features uppers cut from patent leather and inlays that feature a pixelated version of the brand’s signature crossed ‘tiger stripe motif’. The chunky sole – also in cobalt blue – completes the shoe to compound the android aesthetic with a twist of contemporary style.

The ASICS Gel-BND 'Megaman' is available for registration online now via END. Launches.

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ASICS Gel BND 'Megaman'

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