Neighborhood Exhibit Industrial Inspirations for AW19

30 September 2019

Channelling Shinsuke Takizawa's passion for subculture, Neighborhood present a diverse offering of contemporary workwear inspired streetwear.

The vessel of Shinsuke Takizawa's unique vision for 25 years, Neighborhood has become a central proponent of Japanese streetwear. Established in 1994, the legendary label has worked to cultivate a multiplicitous amalgamation of motorcycle, rock'n'roll and Americana culture, drawing inspiration from the individual aspects of Takizawa’s life and interests. Now renowned as one of the OG Japanese streetwear labels, Neighborhood stridently depicts its enigmatic blend of cultures through a lens that, at its core, celebrates Takizawa's love of motorcycling, his multi-faceted approach to graphic design and functionality.

Born from Takizawa's passion for motorcycling, instilled by Dennis Hopper's 1969 film ‘Easy Rider’, the young designer found himself inspired following a short-lived tryst with a fashion design course in Tokyo. Embarking on his foundational visits to London and America, experiencing both punk and motorcycle culture firsthand, Takizawa's passion for subculture grew as he began to embody the aesthetics of the things he fervently digested. Instrumental in Neighborhood's inception, this external influence helped Takizawa nurture the melting pot of influences that built the brand's significant and individualistic aesthetic. Initially working as the designer for the Japanese hip-hop record label, Major Force Records, the young motorcycling aficionado began to rekindle his interest in fashion design. Opening a store that provided vintage American clothing led to Takizawa producing his own printed tees and rugged workwear – birthing Neighborhood as we know it now.

Now an institution of Harajuku, Neighborhood continue to present their signature style with a continually shifting contemporary twist. Wrapped around the brand's original DNA, Takizawa blends his classic motorcycling look with punk-rock nuances. Interjected with a twist of modern outdoor apparel, workwear and streetwear, the brand expands on their specific network of influences to offer cutting edge style for the modern day. Introducing garments with elements carefully selected from military surplus, police uniforms and protective industrial clothing, Neighborhood showcase their own take on zeitgeist defining style.

At the forefront of the global streetwear circuit, Neighborhood deliver the perfect combination of esoteric cultural references, serving a visual code firmly rooted in Takizawa’s intense passion for subculture.

The Neighborhood AW19 collection is available online at END. now.