1017 ALYX 9SM's Luxurious Vision of a Near Future

27 September 2019

Serving a utilitarian take on luxury, Matthew M Williams' ALYX continues to develop its unique sense of futuristic, dystopian sophistication.

Traversing the contemporary menswear landscape has been Matthew M Williams' forte since he formed Been Trill in 2012 with messrs Heron Preston and Virgil Abloh. A bastion of cutting edge design, the Californian designer's label 1017 ALYX 9SM has quickly risen to prominence since the dissolution of the Been Trill brand and collective, offering luxury streetwear deeply entrenched in a world that celebrates the visual codes of functionality, utility and futurism. Sleek, sophisticated and cutting-edge, the New York City-based label showcases a honed impression of contemporary menswear like no other.

Built on the concept of high quality materials and subversive culture, ALYX has developed a slick aesthetic sensibility since the brand was formed in 2015. Complex and desirable, Williams' design perspective seeks to offer a vision of the future that dissolves the gap between casual and formal clothing, cultivating a unique blend of suiting, sportswear and streetwear apparel.

Presenting his latest collection for AW19, "Ex Nihilo" - named after the latin phrase "out of nothing" - Williams sets to perpetuate his distinctive design codes further. Offering the brand's usual selection of jersey garments, complete with esoteric branding, ALYX's signature rollercoaster buckle maintains the industrial influence that pervades Williams' work. Diligently cinching the waist of a mac that sits just above the knee, ALYX present their continued collaboration with Scottish outerwear specialists Mackintosh, while the instantly recognisable clip secures the collar of a down vest, transposing impressions of protective clothing onto casual, contemporary pieces.

Packed with detail, yet subtle to the untrained eye, the beauty of ALYX lies in Williams' ability to transfer grand gestures and big ideas to a look that remains low-key and unobtrusive. While the designer's buckle closures, unusually placed toggles and boldly placed branding produce an air of grandiosity, these garments remain entirely luxurious and functional in their outlook.

1017 ALYX 9SM's collection for AW19, "Ex Nihilo", is available online now at END.