9 August 2022

adidas Spezial returns with its Summer ’22 collection: a carefully curated marriage of now and then.

adidas Spezial Summer '22

With adidas SPZL, Gary Aspden has long delved deep into the archives of the three stripes, unearthing sought-after gems and elevating them through a contemporary lens. The latest from the fan-favourite line follows that path of familiarity, with classic footwear silhouettes and apparel that nods to both sportswear and utility.

adidas Yabisah SPZL - GZ4292
adidas SPZL Stapfen - GX3820
adidas SPZL ZX620 - GX3818

The clean-cut Yabisah SPZL, for instance, is based on the Austrian-made version of the vintage adidas Ibiza, with subtle differences achieved through chalk white lining and a contrast swivel pad one the outsole. The Stapfen SPZL, meanwhile, is based on the adidas Tramp that first released in 1972, sitting right at the intersection between a leisure shoe and a trainer. With the Warzawa SPZL, Gary Aspden aimed to create a new “City Series” style, with the intention of respectfully paying homage to the series' ancestry. The trainer features the same low-cut, terrace-focused aesthetic you’d expect, with the point of difference achieved through a flared, rather than the usual “T”, toebox.

adidas SPZL Abenstein Jacket
adidas SPZL Calvadella Jacket - HC0404

Apparel is given the same familiar approach, with an elevated tracksuit delivered through the Manarch track top — a refined take on the Beckenbauer silhouette — as well as the utility-inspired Calavadella jacket. Elsewhere, wardrobe staples, like tees and polos, are detailed with Spezial branding and Mod Trefoils, while accessories come by way of a patch-heavy bucket hat and the retro-inspired Parbold II bag.

adidas SPZL Adilette - GW8793
adidas SPZL Patch Bucket Hat - HF9314