10 August 2022

Tapping into the community within END., we talk to the people at the heart of the company to lift the lid on what makes the Birkenstock Boston and Zürich styles the perfect companion for a day at work.

Renowned as the world’s premier sandal brand, Birkenstock has stood at the forefront of footwear design for over two centuries, a remarkable feat and a testament to the quality and timelessness of their product. With a longstanding legacy and heritage, the German footwear label continues to position itself at the vanguard of design, cultivating a unique aesthetic perspective that never strays from the brand’s original vision and modus operandi – to produce footwear that delivers quality, comfort and function in equal measure.

Connected to comfort in ways that transcend trends, Birkenstock’s footwear has a foundation that underlines and bolsters everything that they do. Constructed with the original Birkenstock footbed, both the Zürich and Boston silhouettes feature the German made sole unit. Built with a soft suede lining and a breathable upper layer of jute, the footbed is designed to purposefully mould to the shape your foot, ensuring the perfect combination of support and comfort. Complete with a shock absorbing cork-latex core and a second layer of jute for stabilisation, an EVA outsole completes the unit – a celebration of ingenuity and the lasting impact of exceptional design.

A firm favourite at END., Birkenstock’s footwear can be spotted in all corners of the business – from store staff to the marketing team, the seminal brand’s impact has permeated into the DNA of the company. Catching up with members of the internal END. community to discuss all things Birkenstock, delve further into the world of the iconic brand and see how they have cultivated a distinctive fandom within the world of fashion, contemporary culture and beyond.

“Birkenstocks are so easy to style, so they can always fit in with my wardrobe - the colourways are super easy to work with as they’re so versatile. Within retail, we do so many steps every day, that it’s important to wear something comfy, so that Birkenstock have this really comfortable footbed makes it a lot easier.”

“Working in a casual office where you can essentially wear anything, I find myself returning to Birkenstock time and time again. They are comfortable so compliment being on your feet and on the move throughout an office space and studio, effortless in style and can elevate a simple outfit at a moment’s notice. Whether you're wearing Basketball Shorts or Tailored Trousers, the Boston has the utility and comfort within the footbed for a day at work. It's a do it all, casual mule - the Land Cruiser of footwear. Leave a pair by the door and throw them on when the last thing you want to think about is your footwear, a litmus test of comfort and style in perfect harmony.”

“It makes my work and lifestyle very comfortable every day, even when I'm working in the stock room – up and down stairs non-stop and carrying boxes. Having something that you can slip on and off makes it a lot easier to crack on with my work. From my very first pair, the footbed just moulded to my foot straight away and gave me that comfort immediately.”

“I bought my first pair about three years ago now, and would wear them as house shoes before they transitioned into shoes I would wear out and about every day. They offer a bit of home comfort when you’re not in the house. In the morning, I always put them on whilst I’m getting ready and almost every time I just keep them on as I don’t want to wear anything else because they’re so comfortable. I’m in the studio every day, shooting E-com imagery, so they’re the easiest shoes to wear as I can just slip them off when I need to go on the scoop so I can keep everything clean – it’s perfect.”

“I’m always on my feet, so the fact that Birkenstocks are so comfortable is perfect for me at work. A lot of my work is around helping set up props, for example, so having something that you can just slip off quickly when you're on set and get onto the scoop is really good.”

“I used to wear sneakers all the time, but now Birkenstocks are my go-to shoe - they’re much more fun than sneakers. When I first saw all the different colours in the store, I just had to get them. They’re perfect for wearing at work, whether I’m on the shop floor or on stock – a good safe option because they’re so comfortable when you’re on your feet all day.”