Another string to the forever growing bow of Etsuzo Shitara’s iconic retailer, BEAMS Japan launched in 2016 to reflect the charm of its homeland; both within its borders and to the rest of the world. 

Predominantly focusing on homeware goods, the younger sister of BEAMS Plus was created in order to add Japanese culture to your lifestyle. Much like the ethos of the popular clothing line, the label takes a classic idea before putting its own unique twist on it.

Curating collections with well-crafted pieces, drops of tableware allow you to experience a part of the ‘Land of the Rising Sun’ without having to travel to the Beams Japan Tokyo store. 

Shining a light on previously unheard voices of Japan, Beams brings wit and senses, especially with its home decorations. When presenting this previously undiscovered local history and culture behind these items, the label also details the lives of those who craft them, allowing you to build a deeper connection with your item.

For storing your items securely and in style, look no further than the BEAMS Japan bag collection. With pouches and shoulder bags for storing your personal belongings, a beams japan tote bag is perfect for those larger items or for holding your items when you’re browsing through a Beams Japan store.

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