Carne Bollente

With a spicy sense of humour and a love of all things sex-positive, the fashion world didn't know what hit them when Carne Bollente came onto the scene. Wanting to bring something completely new and unforgettable to the fashion calendar, Carne Bollente for men offers a positive canvas for cultural attitudes and norms around sexuality. 

The Paris-based fashion collective came about when founders Agoston, Hijiri, and Théodore joked around one night, thinking of how they could create something with a stark contrast of creativity, technique, and a strong theme. The result... more than you might have bargained for graphic apparel, including socks, t-shirts, shirts, and more. At first glance, the label's fun personality shines through, with a closer inspection revealing the label’s DNA that’s often delightfully illicit. But who's complaining? In addition to all the fun, Carne Bollente puts sustainability at the forefront of its collections, ensuring each one of its designs provides endless quality for seasons to come.

If you're looking for menswear that's bold and head-turning for all the right reasons, shop the latest Carne Bollente for men at END. today. 

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