"A British luxury streetwear brand," you guessed it, is none other than Manchester-born Represent. Headed up by two brothers, George and Mike Heaton, menswear label Represent has come a long way since its humble beginnings, when the duo started out by printing graphic tees for friends. A university side hustle, George quickly realised that he could turn his passion for creating art into a business, and from that point on, the rest was history, and the Represent menswear brand was born.  

Let’s fast-forward, and the once-small project is a global streetwear phenomenon, continuing to keep its passion for graphic artwork and its community-driven spirit alive. Premium quality and British craft are something that remains integral to Represent’s DNA, along with the heavy use of graphic prints and logos, showcased throughout the coveted collections here at END. Immerse yourself in everything from bold graphic t-shirts and logo hoodies to oversized jackets and distressed denim, all of which have rooted the Represent menswear brand in the global streetwear market.

Marrying meticulous craftsmanship with street culture, Represent launched its coveted 247 pants back in 2020, a cult favourite to this day that looks just as at home on the city streets as they do at the gym. Following this triumph, Represent went on to launch its latest Owners Club collection - a range inspired by vintage-car owners and like-minded enthusiasts and created as a destination for its male audience to acknowledge their passion for the brand. 

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