Shopping Alex James’ brand is always a Pleasure - so if you’ll pardon the pun, then check out the latest of PLEASURES men’s clothing here at END.

Since being founded in 2015, the former vintage reseller has taken inspiration from the music of a childhood spent in between New Jersey and New York’s suburbs for Pleasures street fashion. ‘80s post-punk and ‘90s grunge aesthetics dominate across Pleasure’s graphic tees - from reimagined varsity logo prints to collaborations with the likes of Blur and Hunter S. Thompson that exemplify its affinity for subversive, counter-culture creatives. But we’re all big fans of the brand’s tongue-in-cheek slogans - encouraging us to be the “creative director of my own nightmare” and “read banned books”. Whether you listen or not… well that’s up to you!

And when the cold weather hits, why not keep the playful energy going with a Pleasures menswear hoodie? You’re guaranteed to gain some nonchalant care-free energy with the gothic “don’t care” bones logo - but we also love the rootin-tootin “cowboys on acid” print too! Or throwback to the ‘80s with the retro-infused Rewind fleeces to fully embrace Pleasures’ post-punk personality. 

Stay cool (literally!) in a pair of Pleasures for men shorts too. From the sherpa to the scholar sports, there’s a style for everyone at END. But whatever you’ve got sitting in your basket, you’re definitely gonna need some accessories to dress the look up. Pleasures has plenty of accessories to cover every basis, from caps and beanies to the futuristic Reflex sunglasses, you’re sure to find the perfect companion. 

So go on, enjoy yourself and shop the latest Pleasures menswear at END. 

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