A.P.C. Mens

Revitalise your wardrobe at everyone’s favourite Production and Creation workshop… a.k.a A.P.C. menswear at END.! Founded in 1987 by Jean Touitou (whose wife Judith came on-board as artistic director), the Parisian label became renowned for its classic raw denim jeans that were “authentic and accessible by way of style, prices and philosophy.” And the rest, as they say, was history! Starting with the brand’s iconic jeans, where we’re absolutely spoilt for choice! With pairs crafted from the likes of raw Japanese denim and recycled cotton, A.P.C. clothing prioritises longevity - so your wardrobe’s foundations are sure to be stronger than ever! But of course, you’ll need a sweater or tee to pair alongside your new jeans. So why not really wrap the look together with an A.P.C. design. With logo prints referencing both acronym and the Rue Madame Paris boutique, A.P.C.’s tees are stacked with soul that’ll see you seamlessly from season to season. For the finishing touch? Look no further than A.P.C. accessories! From functional totes to expert denim takes on sporty caps, the Parisian label offers plenty of customisation. And to complement the denim hardware, there’s a wide jewellery range that you’re guaranteed to love. Leaning into utilitarian aesthetics, some pieces are even complete with unique carabiners that’ll clip onto any look! If you couldn’t tell already, we’re pretty much in love with A.P.C - and we’re certain you will be too when you shop the latest Parisian pieces at END. 

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