Celebrating Image Overload, Virgil Abloh's Off-White Presents "INCOMPIUTO" for Pre-AW19

Delivering his instantly recognisable visual language, Abloh expands the scope of his graphic style to offer an all-encompassing aesthetic code that rejoices in the importance of the image and the incomplete

An engrained part of contemporary consciousness, the rapid fire onslaught of images and adverts on television and the internet undeniably helps to form our impression of the world. A topic of interest to multi-hyphenate extraordinaire, Virgil Abloh, the American designer aims to draw out this image-conscious world and apply it to his unique form of luxury streetwear with Off-White for his Pre-AW19 collection. Titled "INCOMPIUTO", the offering celebrates image overload and the incomplete, with the king of graphic immediacy showcasing his unique ability to effortlessly pirouette between high-end execution and streetwear attitude.

Covered with branding and in-your-face imagery, Abloh's latest collection sees sportswear, luxury and streetwear collide in an unapologetic vision of colour, text and visual stimulation. Transforming the norm with a subtle inflection of the unusual, the designer's unrivalled perspective sees branding obscured and twisted, projected through the lens of graphic overload. Layering printed and embroidered branding, engineered imagery bleeds out across the back of a luxurious mohair sweatshirt, while a knitted sweatshirt depicts a natural waterfall, distorted with an abstract stylistic approach.

Heavily indebted to sportswear, the silhouettes of "INCOMPIUTO" seek to draw inspiration from all-American pursuits. Updated for the modern age, varsity jackets, windbreakers and sweats are readied with a twist of contemporary luxury, ensuring the perfect marriage of style and substance, wrapped up in Abloh's distinctive system of visual codes.

Luxurious and street-ready, Off-White continues to establish itself as a resounding voice in contemporary high-end clothing, unparalleled in its approach to cultivating an engrossing world of images.

The Off-White Pre-AW19 collection is available online now at END.