AMBUSH Reflect Life in Neo-Tokyo for SS20

Inspired by Yoon Ahn's response to living in central Tokyo, AMBUSH present their multiplicitous vision for SS20.

Born as an experimental jewellery line by Yoon Ahn and Verbal in 2008, AMBUSH has gone from strength to strength, cultivating a distinctive visual aesthetic that prides itself on its contortion of everyday items and a vibrant use of colour. Inspired by the multiplicitous nature of Tokyo, AMBUSH captures the cutting edge and distils it into its own form of bold, pop-art inspired creation. Following collaborations with Off-White, Dior, Louis Vuitton and many more, Ambush has solidified its place within the fashion circuit as a label that is here to stay - visionary and undoubtedly important in the cultivation of the central themes within the global zeitgeist today.

Provoking with their interpretation of every day objects into luxurious pieces of jewellery, the brand's ability to transcend temporality delivers an aesthetic that at once seems to be from the past while simultaneously looks into the near-future. Continuing to push the boundaries of contemporary street-inspired luxury, AMBUSH encapsulates a modern, metropolitan outlook on menswear. Blending esoteric cuts with a rich and defined identity, the label builds a world that identifiably feels its own.

Capturing the Neo-Tokyo aesthetic, the latest collection for SS20 comes from Yoon's own feeling towards living in central Tokyo. A translation of the city through colour and futuristic construction, this collection pairs a clean-cut approach to graphic prints with a twist of utility. Embellished further with nods to the near-past, AMBUSH's visual codes elucidate the brand's dedication to retro-futurism and promotes a truly cutting edge appeal.

The AMBUSH SS20 collection is available online now at END.