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Balenciaga is a streetwear brand like no other - and this men’s Balenciaga sale makes a statement. The brand is famous for introducing unique shapes and moulding them into its sleek designs. Jeans, tailored pants and hoodies come in oversized fits. Meanwhile, its logo wraps across clothes, bags and sneakers.

While Balenciaga is a French label, founder Cristóbal Balenciaga was a Spanish designer who opened a boutique in Spain, 1918. After the Spanish Civil War broke out, Mr. Balenciaga moved to Paris to continue his work. The fashion house’s mould-breaking take on fashion comes through as early as the post-war era. Linear chic designs that hid the waist stood out from the classic hourglass shapes of the time. Balenciaga’s trailblazing style continues to this day with current creative director Demna - who created Kim Kardashian’s head-to-toe black gown for the 2021 Met Gala. Balenciaga’s form-fitting bodysuits have become a new-age icon for the House. It’s also woven fashion into celebrity culture like never before. The brand has become part of A-lister theatrics in recent years, Forbes posing it as "Kim and Kanye’s Divorce Couture".

Who can think of Balenciaga without its shoes coming to mind? Its sock-shoe Speed Trainers continue the brand’s sleek, boundary-blurring designs, while Balenciaga x Crocs collabs redefine streetwear chic. Its offbeat personality is also expressed through unique twisted arm sunglasses, interrupted cap curves and chunky sneakers with a deconstructed layered look.

Balenciaga brings high-end looks to street fashion. It’s given everyday clothing an avant-garde edge and makes the ordinary extraordinary. Offsetting your wardrobe has never been easier with this Balenciaga UK sale.

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