Amiri Mens Sale

AMIRI is a celebration of LA street style. The brand comes packed with nostalgia, reflecting on the California subcultures of founder Mike Amiri’s youth. Expect ripped jeans, graffiti-inspired prints and gothic lettering throughout this men’s AMIRI sale.

AMIRI began in the basement of a Thai restaurant on Sunset Boulevard. This area of LA was Mike’s neighbourhood and where the AMIRI brand takes much of its influence from. But that’s not all that inspires the AMIRI look. While growing up, Mike surrounded himself in the West Coast hip-hop scene and discovered a passion for rock through artists like Guns n’ Roses, who incidentally also hail from LA. Since its inception, AMIRI has become a symbol of true LA style. The brand showcases the city’s melting pot of cultures, with influences from grunge, skaters and rock n’ roll. Plaid shirts nod to AMIRI’s rebellious grunge aesthetic, while bandana prints show off its rocker side.

The Bone Runner sneakers have become AMIRI fan favourites. Their skeleton-like overlays feed into the brand’s grunge edge and are perfect for cruising down lively city streets. This theme is also found across a range of other AMIRI designs, including high-tops, hoodies and jackets.

AMIRI is the uniform of LA. It’s an expression of the culture and creativity that defines this famous West Coast city. From distressed fabrics to bold shirt prints, iconic sneakers to tie dye patterns, soak up this unique look with the men’s AMIRI sale at END.

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