Dime a brand that’s transformed from a group of mates posting skate videos set to ‘90s hip-hop favourites in 2005, into a streetwear label with a global fanbase. So whether you’ve been here since the start, or you’re a brand newcomer, we’ve got all the latest Dime drops right here at END.  

After these videos gained Dime a cult following across Canada, the brand released its debut merch drop of t-shirts boasting the “Dime Crew” moniker. Everyone understandably wanted to be part of the gang, so for the second round of releases, the name was shortened to “Dime”. 

And the rest, as they say, is history. 

It’s easy to see how the name stuck. Detailing everything from sweat pants and shorts, to puffer jackets and polos, the Dime embraces a less is more approach, so it never goes out of style.

Dime’s t-shirts are undoubtedly the headline act. This is where the eclectic energy from the brand’s early skate videos really shines through in reinterpretations of the usual branding. 

But if layered looks are more your thing, then you’ll find these prints across Dime’s hoodies and sweats too - so there’s no need to compromise statements over comfort. 

Actually add practicality to that list too - Dime has plenty of beanies, caps and wallets that’ll add some playful streetwear flair to your everyday basics.

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