YEEZY QNTM "Teal Blue" - Register Now on END. Launches

Fusing basketball inspiration with digital camouflage, YEEZY's latest QNTM distils the zeitgeist into a singular form.

YEEZY QNTM "Teal Blue" - G58864

An embodiment of Kanye West's ability to continually remain at the centre of the footwear zeitgeist, the latest offering from YEEZY serves up the perfect blend of court style and contemporary aesthetics.

Dubbed the "Teal Blue", the YEEZY QNTM borrows elements of classic basketball sneaker design and blends it with a forward thinking stylistic approach. Constructed with Primeknit uppers flecked with bursts of teal blue set against the model's predominantly grey uppers, this silhouette is rounded off with a reflective panel to the heel.

The YEEZY QNTM "Teal Blue" is available for registration online now via END. Launches.

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