Watch: CrateMaster - A Film by Kerby Jean-Raymond

Directed by Reebok's VP of Creative Direction, "CrateMaster" focusses on inner-city basketball culture.

Presenting a short film that celebrates the ingenuity of the youth, Reebok's Vice President of Creative Direction - Kerby Jean-Raymond - pays homage to his New York City roots and inner-city basketball culture. Titled "CrateMaster", the film follows the dedication and talent of a young basketball fan as he goes against all odds to win a street basketball tournament and the grand prize - a pair of Allen Iverson's iconic Reebok Question Mid sneakers. Shot in Brownsville, not too far from Jean-Raymond's home neighbourhood of Flatbush, Brooklyn, the charming film encapsulates the passion of the local youth, while asking hard-hitting questions as to why local amenities are not up to scratch.