5 May 2023

To celebrate “Grey Day” 2023, New Balance looks to the future with the commemorative “Moon Daze” pack.

Grey is a colour synonymous with New Balance, having long represented the go-to for the label and its array of lauded sneakers. So much has the colour resonated with the label that the brand has held an annual celebration to commemorate the colour and its importance since 2018, dubbed “Grey Day”.

Since the ‘80s, grey has been the favoured colour of choice for the label, a symbol of the refinement and timelessness that its championed since day one. New Balance has never been one to chase trends, instead favouring to place product and its quality, technology and subtlety at the forefront.

This year, to celebrate “Grey Day” on the 12th May, New Balance looks to the future with its “Moon Daze” pack, prompting us to think beyond this world and consider the possibilities of “what if New Balance was the first sneaker on the moon?”. The pack is comprised of four sneakers both past and present, the More Trail, 9060, 580 and 550, with each sneaker reworked in various hues of grey to nod to both the celebratory day and the pack’s theme.

The New Balance Grey Day "Moon Daze" pack will launch via END. Launches on the 12th May.