27 July 2022

Tapping one of UK rap's rising stars, END. travelled to the Big Smoke to visit Slew in his natural environment – the studio.

Slew for Moncler Summer '22 END. Editorial
In the world of UK rap, it takes a lot to stand out from the crowd, with swathes of young rappers trying to break the mould and make it in a highly competitive scene to achieve fame and fortune. Forging forward through the myriad of his contemporaries, Slew has cultivated his own route to success.

Bursting onto the UK rap scene in 2020, the London-based rapper quickly built a name for himself in the underground with his short and sharp Instagram freestyle videos, exhibiting a flair for switching up his flow, complex lyrical content, and playful style. “It must’ve been like, 2006/2007 – we used to make Grime," Slew comments, "I’ve just always wanted to rap, and I’ve always had a thing where I’d just mess around and M.C.”

Slew for Moncler Summer '22 END. Editorial

Swiftly grabbing the attention of the UK rap press with his Instagram freestyle videos, Slew was introduced to a world of fans for the first time, transforming his teenage dream of becoming an MC into a reality. An ideal foundation to develop his style, Slew has gone from strength to strength, releasing a series of singles across a variety of different genre – the perfect embodiment of his bar writing talents and ability to build on his authentic persona and quick-witted wordplay.

Slew for Moncler Summer '22 END. Editorial

Demonstrating a relentless work ethic and dedicated approach to writing, Slew’s penmanship across singles such as “Sopranos”, “POP MUSIC!” and his ode to the UK Funky legend, “Donae’o”, has seen the rapper amass a cult following that continues to grow with each passing day.  

“As I’m making music more and more, I’m just learning new techniques and different ways of doing things, so everything is becoming more and more refined every-time. Performing live is the thing that really brings it all together, though. It’s the true essence of music I think."

Slew for Moncler Summer '22 END. Editorial