Listen: RELEVANT PARTIES By Carhartt WIP - Jazzy Sport

In the fourth installment of Carhartt WIP's RELEVENT PARTIES podcast, host Chal Ravens delves into the world of Taro Kesen's Jazzy Sport.

Next up in the RELEVANT PARTIES podcast series from Carhartt WIP is Jazzy Sport from Tokyo, Japan. Originally conceived of as a record store in the Japanese city of Morioka, Jazzy Sport went on to launch a flagship store in the Shibuya district of the country’s capital in 2003, while slowly garnering a reputation as the go-to label for Japan’s finest Hip Hop-leaning beatmakers.

Now located in the city’s Gohongi district, the label is home to an ever-growing roster of DJs, MCs, producers, and designers. With musical foundations rooted in jazz, Hip Hop, downtempo, library music, and house, Jazzy Sport has helped launch acts such as DJ Mitsu the Beats, grooveman Spot, and Cro-Magnon, both in Japan and globally. In addition, the label also releases the work of international artists, previously partnering with the likes of Count Bass D, SA-RA Creative Partners, Steve Spacek, and Kid Sublime.

For this podcast, Chal Ravens sat down with Jazzy Sport founding member Taro Kesen, delving into the label’s rich history, the unique nature of Japanese Hip Hop, and what lies ahead.