Lancey Foux Sets His Style From The Ground Up In This Exclusive Air Jordan 11 'Concord' Editorial

END. interviews rising rap star, Lancey Foux, about Air Jordan, touring with Skepta, and his latest album Pink II in this exclusive Air Jordan 11 'Concord' editorial feature

The first thing you should know about Lancey Foux is that he's not easy to put in a box. A symptom of the multi-hyphenate creative expression that digital platforms like Soundcloud and Instagram have bred - or maybe a symptom of our collective millennial anxiety, growing up being told we'll have to reskill upwards of 15 times in our life - Lancey is a rapper, sure. But he's something more than that, with a creative vision, sound, and sense of style that is uniquely his.

Currently on the road as the opener for the UK's godfather of Grime, Skepta's European tour - and the current face of Air Jordan UK - Lancey Foux's breakout success feels imminent in the wake of the release of his latest album, Pink II. Although his Instagram bio reads 'I don't know who I am either...' - equal parts dig at his detractors and more of that self-deprecating millennial anxiety - a scroll through his feed seems to say otherwise. When it comes to his passions, his music, and his girlfriend - supermodel Leomie Anderson - it feels like Lancey knows exactly who he is and is ready to share it with the world.

On set shooting an exclusive editorial to mark the 23-year reissue of the Air Jordan 11 'Concord', we found out who Lancey is for ourselves.

Returning to the fold 23 years after its original release, the Air Jordan 11 Retro 'Concord' is an exact recreation of the first pair worn by the Jumpman himself. Black patent leather and white mesh give the uppers its distinctive look, while an icy clear and carbon fibre outsole round off the look underfoot.

A firm fixture in the sneaker hall of fame, Air Jordan tapped Lancey and his creative team to deliver their contemporary expression of Concord style. Placing the sneaker front and centre, styled with a cross-section of the most prolific brands and labels of the moment, Lancey demonstrates his unique sense of style and establishes it from the ground up in this film-shot editorial feature, exclusive to END.

END.: What's your favourite Jordan silhouette of all time?

Lancey: Definitely the Jordan 4, with the Jordan 1 very close behind.

END.: What were your first pair of Jordans?

Lancey: Jordan 11 Concords - no joke!

END.: In London, the sport of choice is football. What is it about Jordan that has made it resonate with you, even growing up in a country that doesn't play much basketball?

Lancey: I think probably the style. I've always been someone who likes to be doing what other people aren't doing. Growing up in London I didn't always see so many Jordans around so I think I gravitated towards them because I felt like I would stand out.

END.: How did your work with Jordan in the UK come about?

Lancey: Nike reached out to me and how could I say no? I've always worn Nike and Jordan - it's been a part of who I've become and who I'm becoming, so being able to work closely with Jordan in London represents much more to me than just sneakers.

END.: This year you’ve released 'Pink II' – the follow up to your 2015 album Pink. Can you talk to us a bit about the record and why you felt that you wanted to revisit the mood and themes you tackled on Pink?

Lancey: I just felt like now was the best time to relight a vibe that some people might have missed from me. It’s the root of where I’m going musically and I had to carry it on. I just want to solidify the fact that I’m not here to stay within any constraints or follow any trend, I’m telling the listener I’ll always be me and they should aspire to always be themselves, too.

END.: How would you describe your sound?

Lancey: As mine.

END.: You’re on tour with Skepta, how did that relationship come about and what stops on the tour are you most excited to hit?

Lancey: He just reached out and said he liked my song, Sassy. Then we linked in the studio, and it’s been real love from then on. The tour started on the 29th or Nov and finishes on the 16th Dec. Honestly, I’m excited about every show - I’m war ready.

END.: In the age of Instagram, how important do you think an artist’s visual story is to the overall appeal? How do you go about bringing music, style, and visuals together?

Lancey: Super important - you’re a full package now. All ends should be covered, but at the same time it comes to down to what you want out of this – everyone’s intentions are different. Me personally, I care for the art, the visuals, and the experience and think they’re just as important as the music.

END.: What other London-based artists are you liking right now? 

Lancey: 67, Jimothy Lacoste, Bakar - these are my go-tos right now.

END.: You’ve said that your music comes from a London point of view – what do you mean by that?

Lancey: I’m here in London most of the time, anything I’m talking about is probably coming from an experience or encounter that I had in London.

END.: If you could get your hands on any pair of Jordans that you don’t currently have, what would they be?

Lancey: I mean I've got a lot already, but probably a customised Lancey Jordan 4.

The Air Jordan 11 Retro 'Concord' is now available for registration on END. Launches. 

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