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Collaborating with a smile, END. and Mike Cherman's Chinatown Market present their first capsule collection.

Joining forces for the first time, END. and Mike Cherman’s Chinatown Market present a unique capsule, blending END.’s distinctive store aesthetic and the Los Angelean brand’s dedication to high-quality printing techniques, basketball culture and quintessential streetwear style.

Cultivating a specific visual language with their technical approach to graphics and printing, Cherman’s brand rejuvenates streetwear’s classic graphic tee for the contemporary fashion landscape. Inextricably linked to the meteoric rise of streetwear, the graphic tee holds a timeless value. A symbol of common interests and a conveyer of sub-cultural meaning, the graphic tee has transcended mere clothing to serve as the gateway into an alternative world. Continuing the time-honoured tradition of graphic prints in streetwear, Chinatown Market update the process to offer an esoteric take on the aesthetic values graphic prints can represent.

A celebration of the power of print, this six-piece capsule collection sees the label’s signature Smiley logo embellished with END. branding, while the store’s signature white marble is represented throughout with monochrome print and patterning representing the swirling patterns of the metamorphic rock. Comprised of four short-sleeved t-shirts, a mini basketball hoop and a full-sized indoor basketball, the capsule is replete with the brand’s irreverent charm, with puff printed graphics offering a twist on the norm of screen-printed apparel.

Combining END.’s luxurious visual sensibility with Chinatown Market’s graphic legacy, the exclusive capsule collection will be available via END. Launches on 26th October.