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Italian fashion house Versace has become a powerhouse of extravagance since launching in 1978. Founding designer Gianni Versace's lasting mark is still There’s no opulence quite like Versace. The Italian fashion house is renowned for bringing history to the forefront through borders and emblems that feature Grecian inspiration. Maximalist prints run through each collection as well as bold colours that bring the warmth of Milan to wherever you are.
Gianni Versace founded the house in 1978 and became the icon of a “more is more” way of dressing. His sister took over in 1997 after his passing and she continued the brand’s aesthetic, enabling it to become a powerhouse of extravagance by creating menswear collections with everything from sweats to swimwear.
Versace’s Baroque pattern began in the 80s and turned the Italian artistic tradition into wild pop art that features now in the vacation shorts and tshirts. The Medusa branding is the main attraction when it comes to the house, inspired by the ruins of Reggio Calabria where the Versace children played. The Greca pattern weaves through the menswear collections and along the trims of shirts as a celebration of “Magna Graecia” - great Greece.
Here at END. our Versace menswear collection can dress you from head to toe, from underwear and socks to hoodies and tees for a more casual look. Versace is made for vacations and our menswear houses shirts and slides for the perfect holiday aesthetic.
“I love you but I’ve chosen Versace.”

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