Burberry Mens

As British as a cup of tea, Burberry is the ultimate heritage fashion brand with a story stretching back over 150 years and decades of core values and traditions. Now under the guidance of Creative Creative Officer David Lee, the brand will continue to produce high-calibre classics as the brand creates a more editorial lens.

First created in Basingstoke in 1856, the brand was founded by Thomas Burberry - considered to be the original purveyor of outerwear - with the hopes of saving men from very English weather. The brand took the concept of something as simple as rainwear and created Gabardine, the breathable and waterproof features of the material brought fashion and function together.

If you were going to spot Burberry you’d see the iconic check pattern. Synonymous with the brand and recreated multiple in multiple shades and styles as the brand moves into the modern world of Burberry menswear. Originally trademarked as lining for its rainwear, now it permeates the collections in reimagined colours and styles, whether it's trench coats or casual jackets or even the scarves. Our collection of Burberry fashion merges the classics with the contemporary, from shirts to t-shirts we can dress you for any occasion.

From head to toe we’ve got you covered with baseball caps and slides that all feature the brand’s signature check. Burberry continues to pay homage to its heritage with the new pieces being made with various branding such as the monogram, the Equestrian Knight and the archived check. Wear the history.

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