Nigel Cabourn Sheepskin JacketBlack & Black Red

₩3,324,999 ₩2,162,999

Constructed from a beautiful aged soft sheepskin leather, this jacket comes courtesy of British designer Nigel Cabourn. Nicknamed the “dropzone” jacket, this leather piece is inspired by the sheepskin leather “Irvin” jackets worn of pilots of the RAF during the infamous dogfights of WW2. Embellished to the reverse with a hand painted insignia inspired by artwork found on an archival paratrooper’s vest found by Cabourn, this piece is made by hand in Scotland. Finished with a painted hood, a zip closure, a buckle fastening to the front of the hem and zip sleeve cuffs, Cabourn ensures that the sheepskin jacket is an authentic style inspired by the military history of Britain.

  • Sheepskin Leather
  • Painted Hood
  • Zip Closure
  • Hand Painted Insignia
  • Buckle Fastening
  • Zipped Cuffs
  • Made in Scotland