Tetsu Nishiyama, aka TET, is the director and founder of Japanese powerhouse WTAPS (pronounced double-taps). The Japanese creative entered the industry through pure grit and determination with a love of streetwear - no formal training needed here! The label’s roots can be traced back to the Ura-Harajuku movement of the early '90s, arriving a touch later than its cohorts, NEIGHBORHOOD, BAPE, and UNDERCOVER. In 1997, WTAPS menswear set the ground running, offering up an award-winning formula for creating quality clothing that draws from military garb and outdoor apparel. Check it out for yourself here at END. 

It was common practice among the Ura-Hara scene at the time to collaborate, so WTAPS set the ball rolling with a collaborative release with UNDERCOVER and BAPE, cementing its place in the world of streetwear. Skateboarding also played an integral role in WTAPS’ success, with the coveted bones logo quickly becoming somewhat of a uniform amongst the skater crowd. Alongside the bones emblem, you’ll be familiar with the brand’s GPS coordinates and “visual uparmored” tagline, which feature heavily on the brand’s range of t-shirts, hoodies, and hats

Other core staples include socks, sweats, and Japanese-inspired home fragrances, so whatever the occasion, there’s something for everyone with WTAPS. Shop the latest WTAPS men’s clothing at END. and explore the rebellious nature of the streetwear world through the eyes of Tetsu Nishiyama today.

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