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Patagonia protects people and the planet with its outdoor clothing and accessories. Quality materials and conscientious design go into every one of Patagonia’s pieces - including all items in this men’s Patagonia sale range. The brand is famous for its sustainable performance wear. Across collections, you’ll find hoodies, vests, jackets and anoraks made from recycled materials - including polyester and old fishing nets.

Yvon Chouinard founded Patagonia in 1973, but before getting into the clothing business, Yvon sold climbing equipment. During a climb, Yvon wore a rugby shirt that helped protect his neck from the hardware slings. Soon after, friends started asking where they could get a shirt like that. Patagonia was born and Yvon started selling the shirts along with his climbing gear.

Patagonia grew and became the first company to teach the outdoor community about layering. It also started developing outdoor wear with new materials. Patagonia was bold in its use of colour, too. In the ‘80s, the majority of outdoor clothing came in a limited colour range, including a lot of tan. Patagonia switched this up by splashing bright colours across its range. Today, Patagonia’s colour codes still stand out. You’ll see vivid blues, deep reds and bright yellows throughout its designs.

Patagonia dedicates itself to helping protect the environment. Only this year, Chouinard and his family gave ownership of their company to a group of non-profit organisations and a trust. With this move, Patagonia profits will now go towards protecting the environment and fighting climate change.

Patagonia has a passion for the environment and the people who explore it - evident across this Patagonia sale.

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