Awake NY

Drawing upon the eclecticness of downtown New York City in the early ‘90s, Awake NY is a streetwear brand like no other. Why? "Because you could be 15 or you could be 50, and you can wear Awake and not feel goofy,” says brand founder Angelo Baque. Launched in 2012, the brand has grown from strength to strength by capturing the spirit of authentic NYC life, offering up the perfect balance of wearable fashion, youthful energy, and community spirit - showcased within Awake NY men's streetwear here at END.

Angelo Baque has always had a keen eye for photography and fashion, starting out as an intern for The Source Magazine in 1997. He then moved swiftly on to become an intern for long-time collaborator Jeff Staple at The Fader Magazine. From these exciting beginnings, Baque became brand director of Supreme and now carries his own torch as founder of Awake NYC for men. 

Cementing its place as a cult-favourite streetwear label, Awake NY’s hoodies for men and extensive range of graphic tees grow each season, with the addition of knitted vests and cardigans now anchoring seasonal collections. Could I wear this five years from now, I hear you say? Yes, Awake NY’s energetic yet considered design approach means each piece comes with its own charm and character, often vibrantly coloured and intricately patterned, becoming mainstays in wardrobes worldwide for years to come.  

Become part of the bustling Awake NY community and shop the latest menswear at END. clothing today. 

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