Watch: Stone Island’s Cross-Disciplinary ANNEX Project

13 December 2021

Stone Island takes an experimental approach with ANNEX, creating a cross-disciplinary project that combines art and motocross.

Experimentation is deeply engrained in Stone Island. For many decades now, the label has continuously pushed the envelope of garment engineering. Fabrics are crafted using cutting-edge techniques, dyed using hyper-innovative treatments and constructed with utility at the very forefront.

But this experimental sensibility is something that extends way beyond just clothing, as the label’s latest creative project shows. It’s titled ANNEX and serves as a cross-disciplinary, art-meets-motocross project, with both an experiential exhibition curated by Katja Horvat and a film — as featured above — by Thibaut Grevet. The exhibition itself is showcased in Miami during Art Basel, with various collective artworks recontextualised and located alongside a motocross track.