Watch: Magic Castles “Adventures From Beyond”

30 December 2021

Magic Castles’ latest video showcases the label’s experimental and psychedelic aesthetic.

Magic Castles is a label heavily immersed in music and its associated subcultures, with monthly podcasts on Soho Radio titled “Adventures From Beyond”: a sonic exploration of the musical spectrum. This deep appreciation is something which is reflected in the clothing the label produces; graphics are experimental, patterns are bold and fits are relaxed, nodding to the psychedelic and carefree styling associated with ‘90s underground rave culture.

Magic Castles’ latest collection, as showcased in the video above, gives us a glimpse into the label’s experimental world. Psychedelic shapes, graphics and patterns are used throughout the video, including both the garments in the collection and the hallucinatory-like overlays used. The capsule includes staple pieces like graphic tees and check shirts, as well as garments that nod to old school outerwear with fleece fabrics and oversized pockets.

Video by Chris Vickers.