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Street Style Report | Copenhagen Men's AW20

3 February 2020

Offering up their sophisticated vision of menswear for AW20, the Scandinavian style capital held no punches with their eclectic mix of influences and acute sartorial sensibility.

Street style report from Copenhagen Men's AW20

Renowned the world over for their elegant and sophisticated take on menswear, the Danish city of Copenhagen delivers the perfect blend of minimalism and streetwear inspiration, cultivating a concoction of styles that represents the Nordic region with aplomb. The hub of the Nordic territories and the central moment in seasonal Scandinavian fashion, Copenhagen Men's Fashion Week sees the region's finest labels collecting to showcase their unique visions of contemporary menswear.

Despite the city's spatial dislocation from the rest of Europe, Copenhagen offers a truly eclectic selection of styles that encapsulates the classic Scandinavian duality of modernity and tradition. Represented on the street through the city's fashion week attendees, the Danish capital exhibits an effortless sense of cool, brimming with a prescient Scandi charm.

Continuing our coverage of street style at London, Paris, and Milan, END. have taken to the streets to showcase the diversity of styles that Copenhagen has to offer.

Introduce a subtle pop of colour to elevate a classic menswear ensemble.
Add a twist of tech to quietly modernise a streetwear outfit.
Fuse Americana with Scandi minimalism for a truly contemporary look.
Nod to the '90s by playing with proportion and a neutral colour palette.