Listen: RELEVANT PARTIES By Carhartt WIP - Ed Banger Records

26 May 2021

In the latest episode of Carhartt WIP's RELEVANT PARTIES podcast, host Chal Ravens meets Parisian record producer, DJ and former artist manager Pedro Winter – also known as Busy P – to discuss his brainchild, Ed Banger Records.

Relevant Parties Episode Eleven - Ed Banger Records

An iconic imprint since 2003, Ed Banger Records has been a mainstay within the world of electronic music for nearly two decades. With a remarkably varied output that helped push indie kids onto the dancefloor, combining pop-influenced electronic sound with elements of hip hop, disco, rock and electro, Busy P continues to forge forward in exciting and unpredictable ways.

In the 11th episode of RELEVANT PARTIES, Busy P - otherwise known as Pedro Winter - tells music writer Chal Ravens about his journey, from teenage skate rat on the streets of Paris to becoming Daft Punk’s manager, reflecting on the robots’ glittering legacy in the weeks after their split, and revealing just what’s inside those helmets. He also goes on to discuss his own imprint and why the boundless creativity of the late, great DJ Mehdi was so crucial to Ed Banger’s success.