Universal Works Presents "No Borders, No Nations, Just People"

1 June 2021

Watch the trailer for the British brand's short film series in celebration of the unifying power of music featuring Don Letts, MC Ras Keyleb and founder David Keyte.

In an era of increasingly polarised political opinion, one thing that continues to offer a reliable way of uniting people is music. Tapping into this ideological point of view, Nottingham's Universal Works presents a trio of short films examining "Peace", "Love" and "Soul". Featuring contributions from legendary figures such as DJ Don Letts, MC Ras Kayleb, Universal Works' founder David Keyte, amongst many others, "No Borders, No Nations, Just People" aims to celebrate the joy of music, the togetherness it can bring and the fundamentally important role it has in community and culture.