Red Wing Mens

Red Wing boots. Name a harder working boot. We’ll wait. From the Mesabi mountain mines to the silver screens of Hollywood, you’ll find over a century of archival inspiration stitched into each pair. 

Not many footwear brands have a history as rich as Red Wing’s. It all started in Red Wing (of course) Minnesota 1905, when shoe merchant Charles H. Beckman began crafting hardy shoes to withstand the working day in mining, farming and logging. Later down the line saw the Red Wings Heritage collection debut in 2008, which pays homage to the legacy by reviving archival styles with the same foundation and quality leather as day one.

Men’s Red Wing boots set the standard when it comes to life long durability. Head to the menswear range at END. for the 6” Moc Toe boot, which has been working hard (and also looking handsomely good since the 1950s). With design and function remaining unwavering, this legend is instantly recognisable by its Moccasin inspired toe, traction tread sole and impressive leather patina that will age like a fine wine. 

Scroll through our selection of Red Wing shoes for true American-made icons with revered reputations including the Iron Ranger, from the mines to the city, designed with a reinforced toe cap for, year-round durability or the 3140 Chukka boot flexibility and updated for modern day with Vibram rubber wedge sole. 

Each heritage pair is crafted in the US, and it takes 250 steps from factory to foot and all made with robust leather tanned at S.B. Foot Tanning Company, the Red Wing owned factory that has provided leather since 1905. Little has changed  and vintage machines (that have been humming away for over 50 years) create that iconic triple stitch line and Goodyear Welt. The result? One tough cookie. 

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