Watch: Reese Cooper's Vision of Americana in "Hitchhiking" AW19 Film

31 July 2019

Directed by Andre Bato and featuring music from The Helpp, the Los Angeles-based designer captures an impression of the American drifter.

Hitchhiking across the Golden State, 21-year old designer Reese Cooper has set his sights on depicting a vision of the country through his distinctive lens. Presented in favour of a runway show, the Los Angeles-based label offers up the "Hitchhiking" film for AW19, a visual showcase of the brand's rustic sensibility and spirit.

Depicting the essential figure of Americana, the drifter, this collection feature sees a combination of '70s, '80s and contemporary aesthetics to showcase Cooper's ode to the American wild. Shot on location in a variety of back-country lanes across California, the apparel's raw charm encapsulates the natural beauty of the state - envisaging the amalgamation of the rugged landscape and man's place within it.

Directed by Andre Bato with creative direction from Cooper, 1970s Hollywood cinema offers a visual reference for the film, with zoom cuts adding a further boost of quirky charm to the presentation. Soundtracked by Noah Dillon's band The Hellp, Reese Cooper delivers the perfect companion to his collection of casual garments that channel vintage clothing with a contemporary point of view.

Watch Reese Cooper's "Hitchhiking" AW19 film above.