Engineered Garments AW19: A Resounding Voice in Workwear

16 August 2019

Operating at the juncture between workwear, vintage Americana and utility, Daiki Suzuki's Engineered Garments is a jewel in the Nepenthes crown.

New York's premier purveyor of high-concept workwear, Daiki Suzuki's Engineered Garments offer an expo on creating functional apparel that encapsulates the label's approach to contemporary design. Drawing influence from vintage American clothing, the Japanese designer has cultivated a unique aesthetic, producing garments that build a distinctive world of visual and textural style. Operating under the mantra "not designed but engineered", Suzuki's label delivers a methodical approach that values quality, natural fabrics and a keen eye for detail above all else.

Blending a gamut of inspirations, Suzuki's structural yet relaxed take on utilitarian clothing seeks to redefine the way we dress. Primed for every day wear and detailed with a bold outlook, Engineered Garments' pieces are affirmed with a low-key and casual sensibility. Encompassed with a rugged and durable aesthetic, the New York-based label draws inspiration from the blending of vintage Americana, outdoor apparel, military clothing and streetwear. Primed for heavy-duty layering, a touch of formality pervades the collection, effortlessly imbuing the label with a sense of Japanese workwear stylisation.

Pairing Suzuki's signature colour palette of navy-blue and olive-green with pops of more vibrant hues, the designer nods to the influence military apparel has had on his practice. Offering up parka jackets, fatigue pants and check shirting, Engineered Garments' bucket hats introduce a contemporary streetwear influence to the collection, charming with their patchwork construction and extended shape.

An undeniable powerhouse in modern-day menswear, Daiki Suzuki's Engineered Garments continues to resound as a pivotal element in the Nepenthes framework. Perfect for daily wear yet indebted to practicality and a functional way of viewing the world, Suzuki's clothes ensure that style and substance are happily married.

The Engineered Garments AW19 collection is available online now at END.