YEEZY 500 High "Tyrian" - Register Now on END. Launches

Returning from the YEEZY vault, the 500 High sneaker is cast in the dark and mysterious "Tyrian" colourway.

YEEZY 500 High "Tyrian" - FY4269
YEEZY 500 High "Tyrian" - FY4269
YEEZY 500 High "Tyrian" - FY4269
YEEZY 500 High "Tyrian" - FY4269

After remaining absent from the packed roster of YEEZY sneakers following its initially appearance in "Slate", the YEEZY 500 High returns in the black, brown and purple "Tyrian" colourway this season. A chunky high-top rendition of the sought-after, Calabasas classic, the YEEZY 500, this military-inspired sneaker boot is brimming with textbook Kanye West charm.

Constructed with a combination of neoprene, tumbled leather and plush suede, this distinctive footwear offering encapsulates the dystopian YEEZY outlook. Named after Tyrian dye, a natural purple dye that was used by the Phoenician people 4,500 years ago, this dark and subtle style is detailed with a pop of purple tones to the uppers and a toggle lace closure for a flourish of utilitarian aesthetics.

The YEEZY 500 High "Tyrian" is available for registration now via END. Launches.

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